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The ME Story

The MereExams Journey was started by four hopeful entrepreneurs looking to add a new dimension in the education space. The four out of the box thinkers.


The Strategist


The Expert


The Executer


The Innovator


Our vision had always been on developing methods which could make the students academic journey more customized and less cluttered. Initially we were focusing more on the lines of creating an online form delivery and tracking platform to reduce the “stress” time it adds to the students shoulder, so they could concentrate more on scoring better marks in the exams. As we dug deeper into the education sector we saw the need to tackle a more serious problem the everyday student was facing.This is when we had our EUREKA moment and we saw we could add real value to a pre-existing set up.

We shifted focus from the form delivery platform to a more customized and personalized platform which would empower all the students across India by building them their very own academic eco-system. A portal encompassing of all the major stakeholders working for the benefit of the student.This would enable us to provide students with educational consultancy with a click of a button.

By this innovative disruption we aim shift focus from the pre existing information centric system to a new and efficient student centric system. The sweetest part of this whole deal is that who better to understand the problems of the student, than student themselves. This is where the beauty of our product lies because we are ourselves a part of our target market, hence we understand the dynamics really well.

MereExams is a tribute to every student, because it is something for the students, by the students.