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Religious Studies

Why Should You Join ?

Also known as the study of relegion, the course offers a chance to research relegious beliefs, practices and institutions. The course enables you to compare and understand relegion through historical and societal perspective. It covers sub courses like antropology, pyschology, physiology, history, etc.

Who Should Join ?

Any student interested in society, history or relegion can take this course. The course opens up a unique way to view sciety as well as the world and it is for people who have a high level of thinking skills and personal development.

Which programs could be joined ?

  • B.Sc.-Bachelor of Science
  • Certificate-Certificate
  • Diploma-Diploma
  • Integrated Ph.D-Integrated Doctor of Philosophy
  • M.Phil.-Master of Philosophy
  • M.Sc.-Master of Science
  • M.A.-Master of Arts
  • PG Diploma-Post Graduate Diploma
  • Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy
  • B.A.(Hons)-Bachelor of Arts (Honors)