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Courses :

Basic information

  • Central Government Institute
  • Specialised Courses: M.B.A.- Master of Business Administration Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy

Course Information

  • 15
  • 4 years and 0 months
  • Tri-Semester
  • 211
  • 2 years and 0 months
  • Tri-Semester


  • 6045 books available in library
  • facilities-image auditorium-image fitness-image theatre-image 07-books-library-image conference-image 08-health-centre-image sports-image common-room-image computerhall-image cafe-image gusset-image


INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, TIRUCHIRAPALLI was established in 2011. College contains major facilities like auditorium library conference hall gymnasium indoor stadium common room computer lab separate room for girls, and many other student friendly things. They also offer scholarship to students depending on criteria.Various courses offered are :

  • M.B.A.- Master of Business Administration
  • Ph.D.-Doctor of Philosophy

Reasons to Join Institute

  1. IIMT has strong values which it imparts to its students, primary amongst which are an unceasing desire to learn. IIMT understands and gives students full freedom to decide upon their academic gradient based on their work experience, academic background as well as their appetite for a challenge. Abundant resources to offer a rich learning environment and to conduct theoretical and industry relevant research.
  2. LRC facilitates knowledge creation through its electronic search platform and access to a wide array of research resources on and off campus. All rooms in the hostels have Wi-Fi access and are thus, very handy for students.
  3. It has agreement for academic cooperation with many institutions, for student and faculty exchanges, joint research, and teaching by the faculty members. Collaborations with Aix-Marseille Graduate School of Management and École de Management, School of Management, Hungary for student exchange and research programs. It has more than 100 Personal Computers with Core i5 Processor, 4 GB RAM, 500 GB HDD etc, connected over the campus LAN.

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